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Areas of Practice

Commercial Fishing

Since the 1950’s the Lopez Family has been commercial fishing in Alaska. Starting with Mike “Iron Mike” Lopez who eventually brought all of his children and grandchildren aboard at one time or another.

Vessels for hire

Lopez Fisheries offers a number of vessels for hire in both committed fishing and working environments to purely people or freight transportation. Please contact us here if you are interested in hiring one of the Lopez Fisheries vessels.

onsite Shipyard work

Captain Thomas Lopez has performed full builds to complete re-powers both in shipyard and onsite. From propulsion swaps, to generator re-powering, and complete vessel sponsoning there isn’t a build or retro-fit that cannot be taken on.

Vessel Leasing options

Lopez Fisheries has an array of potential vessels available for a number of fisheries. Do you have quota and no vessel? Do you have a fishery you would like to enter, but no operation. Contact us here and lets see if we can make a deal.

Ballistics Netting

Recently Lopez Fisheries has gotten into the very extensive world of netting. Securing a worldwide production network we can offer the best prices on the newest and best performing netting, twine, and rope materials.


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