Lopez fisheries


Learn about the Lopez Fisheries Fleet

F/V Conspiracy


Size: 50’ x 20’

  • Multi-Use Vessel

  • Primary: Salmon Seiner - Salmon Tender

  • The F/V Republic was originally the F/V Alba ll ten years ago when Captain Thomas purchased it. Since he has redone all the of the fishing gear, added an aluminum top-house, and more recently sponsoned(widened) the vessel in 2018.

F/V Republic


Size: 110’ x 26’

  • Multi-Use Vessel

  • Primary: Salmon Tender - 350,000 lb hold

  • The F/V Republic is the most recently acquired vessel by Lopez Fisheries. It was bought in Louisiana, USA, transported through the Panama Canal and retrofitted by Captain Thomas Lopez in 2018.

F/V Legacy


Size: 58’ x 26’

  • Multi-Use Vessel

  • Primary Use: Salmon Tender - Dungeness Crab - 185,000 lb hold

  • The F/V legacy was built from the ground up in 2017 by Captain Tom, Thomas, and Alex. It is a very diverse shallow draft vessel.

F/V Boulder Bay


Size: 50’x20’

  • Multi-Use Vessel

  • Primary Use: Salmon Seine - Salmon Tender - Dungeness Crab

  • The F/V Boulder Bay was purchased by Captain Alex Lopez in 2018. The vessel works as both a Salmon Seiner and a Dungeness crab boat.

F/V Cheerful II


Size: 48’ x 17’

  • Multi-Use Vessel

  • Primary Use: Salmon Seine

  • The F/V Cheerful ll is owned and operated by Captain Tom since the mid 90’s. Every current Lopez Fisheries Captain was a crewman for several years aboard the Cheerful ll.